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By accepting this clause, you expressly accept the Privacy Policy of MAESTRO CASANOVA as a User of any of the media or Services and/or products, whether free of charge or for a price, consisting of the access to the various information, contents, programmes, apps, shops, e-commerce website, video on demand or similar items (hereinafter, “MAESTRO CASANOVA”) that MAESTRO CASANOVAmakes available to Users on the Internet.
For the correct understanding of this Privacy Policy and the Conditions of MAESTRO CASANOVA, the following definitions are provided:
The User shall be a natural or legal person accessing and/or using any of the MAESTRO CASANOVA by any means without having to register. By accepting this clause, the User accepts the Privacy Policy and the Conditions of MAESTRO CASANOVA, as set down in this document.
MAESTRO CASANOVA comprises services, products and promotional activities, whether free of charge or for a price, consisting of the access to the various information, contents, commercial, editorial and corporate communications, programmes, applications, shops, websites, video on demand or similar items.

The Privacy Policy of MAESTRO CASANOVA applies to:
• Browsing as a User on any pages of MAESTRO CASANOVAor mobile applications of MAESTRO CASANOVA.
• Access as a User to any of the contents through any other mediums or Services of MAESTRO CASANOVA.
• Browsing via any device allowing access to the contents or to MAESTRO CASANOVA, such as computers, digital TV, Smart TVs, PDAs, Tablets, iPads, iPhones, cell phones, Smartphones, subscriptions via Social Media or any other means of access to the contents made available on the internet.
• Browsing and enjoyment of MAESTRO CASANOVA from any country in the world, whether they are Services located in the country of access or in another country.

MAESTRO CASANOVA, being located in Spain, is subject to compliance with Spanish and European regulations in the field of data protection and information society services.
Therefore, MAESTRO CASANOVAat all times guarantees the complete and full compliance with the obligations provided by the data protection and information society services regulations, as well as by any other laws supplementing or replacing the foregoing.

The personal data gathered via MAESTRO CASANOVA shall be incorporated to a file controlled by Ediciones MAESTRO CASANOVA, S.L., a Spanish company with registered office at The company that owns this website (hereinafter, the Site) is MAESTRO CASANOVA S.A.with address at Cno. Presos, S/n 46870 – (Ontinyent) – Valencia,, with Corporate Tax ID No. C.I.F: A46310132, entered at the Mercantile Register of VALENCIA REGISTRATION DATA T 3972, L 1284, F 216, S 8, H V 17410, I/A 6 (13.07.09) (hereinafter, MAESTRO CASANOVA ).

MAESTRO CASANOVA, as a User may forward claims, complaints and suggestions in relation to the processing of their personal data, as well as exercising their rights. To this end, the User may use the following email address:

The data furnished by Users Services will be used for several purposes which are listed below:
• Providing a personalized Service to the User, adapting said Services to their personal and geographical profile, as well as to their preferences and taste.
• Defining user types, segments and profiles, as well as providing, handling, administrating, extending and improving the Services and/or contents provided in MAESTRO CASANOVA, by analysing the use of the Services by the Users.
• Showing editorial or commercial information specifically defined for the profile inferred from the use of MAESTRO CASANOVA by the User, both related to own services and third-party services, belonging to any Sector, with which MAESTRO CASANOVA may reach agreements. Said profile may also be inferred according to the geographic location of the device or terminal from which MAESTRO CASANOVA are used; however, you will always be asked for a prior, specific authorisation to process said information.
• Designing new services that may be of interest to you.
• Handling the incidents and maintenance of MAESTRO CASANOVA.

MAESTRO CASANOVA will gather data on the User via their use of MAESTRO CASANOVA.
These data will be linked mainly to the IP address from which they access MAESTRO CASANOVA or to a user code allocated unilaterally by MAESTRO CASANOVA. These data may be considered personal data insofar as they allow the User to be identified or render them identifiable.

In this way, MAESTRO CASANOVAmay link the following information to said data:
• Use and browsing data. For statistical and advertising purposes, to control the use of our pages, to control access to services by third parties via MAESTRO CASANOVA and to improve knowledge on the User’s interests, use and browsing data will be gathered in relation to what Service is used by the User, how and when they use it, what type of User they are, or whether they access an advertisement shown on any of the MAESTRO CASANOVA.
• User interests and profile inferred from browsing or use of MAESTRO CASANOVA, as well as information on the access device, the equipment model, the operating system version, sole device or connection identifiers, data on the mobile network, as well as errors, system activity, hardware adjustments, browser type, browser language, data and time when connection is requested, reference URL, cookies and other data storage and retrieval devices in terminal equipment (as explained in the COOKIES POLICY), allowing the identification and the User’s browser and device, as well as making analytical studies showing personalized information according to the result of said studies, both in own and other services. Registration in any of the MAESTRO CASANOVA implies the express acceptance without any reservations of the COOKIES POLICY.
• MAESTRO CASANOVA also use technology to identify and monitor users, for instance tiny, transparent images inserted in web pages and applications. When the User accesses any of these contents, the images are downloaded into their device and make it known that the User has accessed MAESTRO CASANOVA, recognising them if they access again. This information is used to compile statistics, make analytical studies on the use of services by the Users, and to show personalized editorial or commercial information according to the result of said studies, both in own and other services.
• MAESTRO CASANOVA may also provide links to third-party services marked with a code so that said third parties may detect that said user has come from MAESTRO CASANOVA.
• Information on the territory from which the connection to MAESTRO CASANOVA originated, in order to personalize said services and, as the case may be, verify the availability of the right to display certain audiovisual contents.

MAESTRO CASANOVAshall not assign Users’ personal data to any third parties without a legal foundation authorising said processing.
In order to measure the use of the Services, MAESTRO CASANOVAuses external suppliers who use Cookies to carry out analytical studies on the use of MAESTRO CASANOVA. The User may check the COOKIES POLICY at any time.

Minors below the age of 14 must not use MAESTRO CASANOVA without the consent of their parents or guardians.
If MAESTRO CASANOVAdetects users who might be less than 14 years of age, it reserves the right to ask them for a copy of their Spanish ID Card or an equivalent document or, as the case may be, the authorisation of their parents or guardians.

The news items included on this Website may contain personal data of newsworthy individuals because of their public relevance, their public renown or because of circumstances arising from facts of public interest in which they are involved.
Via this section, we inform newsworthy individuals on the processing of their data pursuant to the provisions in the regulations in force, which establishes that when it is impossible or would require a disproportionate effort to inform the parties concerned of the processing of their data, adequate steps are to be taken to protect their rights, freedoms and legitimate interests, even by disclosing the information, which is met via this Privacy Policy.
Personal data shall be obtained via the research and journalistic resources available to this medium, consisting of the relevant data to draw up said news items.
The legal foundation authorising the processing of personal data of newsworthy individuals is the need to fulfil a mission carried out in the public interest. Personal data shall be processed indefinitely over time.

The User may exercise the rights of access, rectification, erasure, objection, portability and limitation, by writing to MAESTRO CASANOVA, by post sent to the address of MAESTRO CASANOVA, accrediting their identity with a scanned copy of their Spanish ID Card or an equivalent document, specifying the right they wish to exercise. It is recommended that the User provide all the information on the MAESTRO CASANOVA they use or have used in order to adequately handle their request.
The User is entitled to file a claim or complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( and MAESTRO CASANOVA (

The personal data of the User shall be processed actively as long as they retain their status as a User of MAESTRO CASANOVA; that is, as long as they do not exercise their right of erasure.
If they exercise their right of erasure, their data shall be blocked and conserved in a restricted manner, at the disposal of the relevant authorities, during a term of 5 years in order to meet any liabilities arising from the processing.

The legal foundation authorising the aforesaid processing is the legitimate interest of MAESTRO CASANOVA.